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Mission Association: Teach Beyond

Mission Focus: We believe that education is an effective catalyst bringing hope to individuals and positive transformation to societies. We follow our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging with the needs of this world – physical, relational, and spiritual. Our teachers use their skills and contexts to bring light and healing to all – children, adults, leaders and mission workers alike.

Mission Goals:

  • To provide support and healing for overseas workers in crisis through professional counseling.
  • To provide educational support for overseas workers' families.
  • To provide educational expertise for schools and seminaries.
  • To preach the gospel.

Todd is a counselor at Cornerstone Counseling Foundation in Chiang Mai, Thailand that primarily serves Christian workers throughout Asia as well as the people of Thailand. They provide confidential and professional counseling, consultation, and training from a Christian perspective for individuals, marriages, families, teams, and organizations.

Todd also preaches at different venues and he and Debbie are part of the leadership team at the Safari Church in Chiang Mai.

Debbie is an educational consultant for families serving overseas and for schools and other educational start-ups. 

June 15, 1991

Todd - May 19, 1964
Debbie - October 21, 1968
Tyler - January 15, 1997
Ian - December 20, 1998
Joya - April 25, 2001
Seth - August 7, 2002
Mercy - August 15, 2005
Levi - February 6, 2007
Gracelyn - January 11, 2009

Email: (Tyler is studying at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois until 2020). 


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