Prayer and Praise is an important aspect of Camano Chapel family life. We desire to support our church and our community in praying for their needs and celebrating answers to those prayers. We publish all requests submitted for the "General Church" in the bulletin each Sunday. Prayer requests submitted as "Staff Only" will be kept private within the church staff community. Please let us know of your prayer requests through form at the bottom of this page or contact the church office.

June 9, 2019

Geri Atkins-Continuing to see God’s blessings in stressful times. Watch for those blessings...they are there.

Barbara & Jim Olson-Prayers for Jennifer (daughter-in-law) being induced June 4th, 2 weeks early due to gestational diabetes. Pray for 8 yr old grandson just found out he has a form of Autism.

Sharrie & Darwin Cleveland-We wanted and needed to come to say, Glory to God for all the “God things” we have experienced and to thank you all for loving us with your hands, prayers, encouragements and gifts. We are in Marysville. Pray for self-discipline in Darwin’s water intake-it is vital in the battle with edema. My battle is choosing God’s best, leaving the distractions, so many of them. My hope is in Jesus, whom I trust, the blessed controller of all things.

Monte & Elizabeth-Our neighbor, Art, has been diagnosed with colon cancer. He is worried. Art does not know Jesus, he says he is a pantheist.

Mary Ann Carter-Recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We are visiting the Island for the first time and very happy to have been blessed to have found your church today. All prayers are welcome but I know I’m good in the Lord’s hands.

Anonymous-I can’t thank you enough for continuing to stand on the Word of God! It’s a total joy to see our pastors/elders stand firm during these very fluid times. Thank you for your faithfulness to the only truth.

Gael & Jim Birkenbuel-Prayers for guidance waiting for God’s voice. To lead us in His path in our future move.

James Headrick-Please join with me and lift up the high school seniors as they prepare to enter adult life. I pray that God will protect them from the lies of culture as they continue their education or enter work life. I pray they will share the light of Jesus into this dark world.

Connie McCroskey-I’m sorry to say that my brother Stan’s wife, Shirley passed away but is now with the Lord. Thank you for your prayers for her. She had a stroke 2 weeks ago and never came out of a coma. Pray for Stan’s peace of mind in his sorrow.

Norma & Jay Mouton-Pray for Jay’s brother John who is not speaking after his most recent stroke. Praise that he seems content with his nursing home care.

Jim Birkenbuel-Prayers for my younger brother Dick who is slipping away from this life with leukemia. I pray that he will reconcile with God and accept that God has his back.

MaryAnne Rasmussen– Dear young Mothers, God blessed your seeking hearts with amazing courage and now you are All Moms, All Kids...all in for JESUS!! Thank you for stepping out of the world and into the Word for wisdom and guidance as you do life together in His beautiful name. This step of faith rewards you now and we can only imagine what Heaven will bring. God bless you as you train up these blessed children in the way they should go.

Rob Down-Please pray for my friend Ross Johnson, who has had cancer for over 10 years and had extensive surgery June 6th. Please pray for healing and peace for him and his family.

Amy Perkins-Please continue to pray for our niece Debbie as she fights cancer and other health issues, which now include blood clots in her legs. She is extremely thin and her body needs nourishment. Also, please continue to pray for our niece Beth whose 31 year old son Thomas died. She is planning a family gathering to remember him on June 29th. Thank you.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Mike Brazeal-Elder/Connection Pastor

Berna Michl-Preschool

Debbie Noyes/John Gildow-His Pantry

Keith Erickson, Administrative Board

Chris & Tammy Immer- (Village Missions, Lummi Island, WA)

Village Missionaries: Maury & Linda Jenkins, Rush, CO: Kendrick Bible Church is located on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, approximately 60 miles east of Colorado Springs. The church family is made up of many cattle ranching families, most of whom are also having to work other jobs, with the main employer being the local school. It is an aging population with only a couple of families with small children. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for the Lord to send the required moisture; this is dry farming/ranching country and last year was very dry. Also pray for more young families to come to the church. We have a fairly large AWANA group, but many of the kids come from other churches in the greater area. Also pray for our older saints, some of whom are original members or long-time members, as their health starts to fail.

May 26, 2019

Connie McCroskey-My brother’s wife, Shirley Pawley suffered a stroke. Please pray for complete healing.

Cheryl Henley-Prayers for quick healing for Lori Signet. Continued prayers for healing for Gianna (brain cancer-post surgery) and for Amos who just finished first course of chemo for stage 4 cancer. Bless my dear friend Janet Craig.

Don Schultz-Friend Wayne is having serious kidney problems. Pray for healing.

Jay & Norma Mouton-Praise for a great Safe Harbor gala.

Larry & Beth Baxter-PTL and thank you for your prayers regarding our parents living situation. God has done a mighty work on hearts and circumstances and they are now contentedly settled in Larry’s sister’s home. We are now praying for a quick sale of the house in Billings.

Walt and Mary Nicholas & family-Praise God for such a wonderful, loving congregation and staff. We will never begin to thank everyone for all the love and support during the past months. We love and hug you all!

Cara Hartenbach-Great thank you to Aaron, his brother-in-law, father, and the youth who worked so hard for 2 days to put up my shed. You all have blessed me so very much. In His Grace.

Kathleen Nelson-I am so thankful to be back in church today! Thank you for all the prayers, cards, calls, and amazing dinners!

Brett Reid –Elder/Executive Pastor
Sandy Shook- Asst. to Senior & Executive Pastors                                               
Ashley Zelk-MOPS
Logan Fatigate, Administrative Board
Brian & Bethany Meaden- Camp Bighorn, Paradise, MT

May 12, 2019

Rick Spears-My sweet bride MARGARET has been battling an infection in her jaw that has flared up over these last few years. I would like to have prayer support for her ultimate treatment and healing. We have not been able to find a covered procedure that will work for her very specific needs. I believe God has revealed to me a route and specialist and we will be covered. Please pray for a speedy date so we can get her on the way to healing.

Sharrie Cleveland-God is so good. The big move is Monday the 13th. I often feel like the little girl answering the door when Peter knocked and she closed the door in surprise...why am I amazed? Keep on holding us before God. Jesus is interceding the Father’s favor and our Holy Spirit fills me with joy and His strength. How I praise and thank you for your prayers, hugs, help and support. God is so good!

Anonymous-Pray for a young man who has struggled with drug addiction off and on for over 10 years. He says he has given up praying for this. I pray that the Holy Spirit will minister His love in a way he’s never experienced and release him from this addiction.

Tom & Barb Courtney. Our sister-in-law Kim’s son was ill for many years and passed away unexpectedly at age 40. She had John 3:16 on a plaque by his bed for years. But she sought out a medium to make sure he was in heaven and consults her on a regular basis and has encouraged other people who have lost a loved one to join her.

Geri Atkins-Praising God for who He is-all sufficient!

Brian & Carole Jacobs-Pray for a good report as Brian sees the doctor for his yearly checkup on May 15th. He’s a 9 1/2 year pancreatic cancer survivor. May his healing continue. Praise the Lord for these past years of healing.

Cheryl Henley (former congregant, now living in Spokane)-Pray for Gianna, a fellow nurse, recently diagnosed with a large brain tumor. Also a friend, Amos, recently diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. Both believe in God but she’s unsure whether they have a personal relationship with Christ.

Jared Miller-Praise God for His unconditional love and His forgiveness! If it wasn’t for Jesus I would be trying to fulfill my wrong desires but He didn’t let me go, even when I turned away from Him. He has turned my direction from worldly desire to the desire to serve Him. I have recently applies to Montana Bible college and I’m trying to save enough money by the end of the year. Please pray for God to keep my path true and help me overcome temptation. Thank God for everything He has done for you and me.

Yesterday was Camano Chapel’s local outreach called SENIOR SERVICE SATURDAY. We served 20 unchurched senior citizen by serving in our community with nearly 140 people from our church. A big thank you to so many who were able to come out and serve under a blue-sky day.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Mich Michl-Elder/Pastor of Local Outreach & Missions
Aaron Bardon-High School Youth Leader
Jon & Angie Wagner-Marriage Ministry
Annelle Martin, Administrative Board 
Cilem & Harley Suprint-(Grace Comm. Church, Cap Haitian, Haiti)

Village Missionaries: Greg & Nikki Stansel, Hauser, OR: Hauser is a community on the outskirts of the North Bend/Coos Bay area on the Oregon coast. The church is in the center of some of the poorer neighborhoods, and we are trying to reach as many as possible with the Gospel. PRAYER REQUESTS: Hauser Community Church is not very small, which makes our lives very busy and stressful at times So please pray for the strength to minister effectively to our church family, as well as to the community around us. Please pray for our 10-year-old son who has been having anxiety issues for the last 2 years; pray that we can help him cope and find a way to sleep better through the night. Our church has also been making a lot of security changes in and around the church building; please pray that these changes will aid in protection of the children and families at Hauser Community Church, as well as be accepted by all our volunteers. We would also like prayer for our new Children's Ministry Director, as she has taken on a huge role; prayer for wisdom and strength as she fulfills God's call to serve the children in our community.

May 5, 2019

Sharrie Cleveland-My frustrated agenda 🙂 But God-our new home is a place of adjusting. Darwin is doing well. We celebrate God’s intervention in all our ways. Fear assails me and then someone is praying and quiet will clear my mind. The Holy spirit is alive and busy making our way open. Thank You Lord-You know Your plan, we join You.

Shelley Sipe-Praying God will help me find the place He wants me to live.

Suzy Harding-Allen Smith-healing for liver cancer; Kim—pray doctors find brain issues.

Rob & Chari Davis-Thank you everyone for all your prayers for our move to Arizona. We bought a house and we are back to get our things. Saturday the 4th of May is our moving day. Pray for a safe trip. Our new address is: 242 Camino Chelula, Rio Rico, AZ 85648

Garrett Davenport-Praise! Thank God for all His blessings that He has given and provided for me lately. Helping me find work, surrounding me with awesome Christian friends and all the wonderful work He does!

Becky Karschney-Praising God that our son, Jonathan, took himself and his two young daughters to church for the 1st time ever on Easter Sunday. We praise God for this movement and growth through Christ in Jonathan’s life. Thank you for praying with us.

Tom Courney-Pray for a friend, Oliver, treatment for throat cancer caused kidney failure and a new lump has been found in his throat. A friend Jim had a heart attack, doing better, but diagnosed with bone cancer. Neither are Christians-that we know.

Jay & Norma Mouton-Praise for wonderful weather and Norma’s safe return from San Diego..

Anonymous-Update on Duncan, the teenaged boy fighting cancer. He has been receiving naturopathic treatment and is improving. Praise Jesus for hearing our prayers. Keep praying.

Wendy Freer-Please pray once again for my son, Ryan. Wanted to try and improve his life on his own. Have had no contact in several weeks. Has had substance abuse for many years. May he submit himself to Christ for help, the only true healer.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Mike Brazeal-Elder/Connection Pastor
Mark Peterson-Facility Director
Steve and Lisa Anderson-Marriage Ministry
Jon Wagner, Administrative Board Chairman
Danny & Taylor Atkins-(Kirche in Aktion-Germany)

Village Missionaries: Stephen & Darleen Fournier, Milford Center, NY: Milford Center is located in the rolling hills of upstate NY.  The church is located about 15 miles from Cooperstown, NY, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. The main industry is tourism, though we have two hospitals in the area, as well as two colleges. The population of Milford is about 3,000 people. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray that God would raise up leadership in the church. Please pray for vision for the church.  And pray that God would continue to provide for us and bless us with good health.

April 25, 2019

Teresa & Jack Nicholas-Thank you church family for your beautiful blooming outpouring of love in celebration of our sweet Theresa’s life yesterday (and on all of these past weeks. We are safe in His arms….that is what your lovingkindness has shown the entire Nicholas family.

Syl Steele-Please pray for niece (60) who was diagnosed with early onset dementia. May she be totally aware of God’s presence with her. She is a believer.

Sharrie  Cleveland-Thank you-praises and gratitude for those faithful prayer warriors. Darwin is doing well without any new procedures. It is a God thing. We are so grateful. The moving from a home on Camano to a duplex in Marysville. It will require getting rid of stuff. The many details can be weighty, my mind is being exercised, my trust tested. Pray that I will focus on Jesus and His power and sovereignty.

David Folden-Pray for Farol Bontrop/sister, lung cancer.

Bailey & Jordan Elder-Pray for our grandma with the pain she has in her face and her health.

Barbara Olson-Praises for all Jesus is doing through Jim!

Jay & Norma Mouton-Praise for Jesus and His resurrection. Prayer for Jay’s brother John to have health and acceptance of his life in the nursing home.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Kris Kramer-Senior Pastor/Elder
Nate Laun—Facility Assistant
Heidi Hanson-Communion & Coffee Coordinator
James Headrick-Elder
Raymond & Ruby Mensah-(Antioch Bible Church, Ghana, Africa)

Village Missionaries: Joe & Laura Letourneau, Marysville, BC: Marysville and Kimberley are joined together as one city, located in the southeast corner of British Columbia. Kimberley (the official city name) is home to 7,000 people and nestled between the Purcell and Rocky Mountains. We were once the home of the largest lead-zinc mine in the world; but now we are mainly a tourist destination. Our local ski resort is the main industry and most people commute to nearby Cranbrook for work. PRAYER REQUESTS: Praise the Lord, we have served here for almost 3 years!! Prayer for strength and energy as we home school our kids in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Prayer that the Lord would raise up young men and women of faith whom we can disciple, as we are mainly an older congregation. Prayer that our church body would continue to grow in our understanding of Gods Word. Prayer for wisdom in our leadership, as we lead in all aspects of the church. Thank you for praying for us!

April 21, 2019

Jamie Thernberry-Please pray protection over my three children. God bless the world. Pray peace for us. Thank you.

Cindy Cooper-Please pray for the family and friends of Alice Fishback, who passed away suddenly yesterday. Alice was a missionary for many, many years in South Africa. Pray also for the staff at Turner Retirement Homes, who lost two residents this week.

Carol Karak-Stage 4 cancer going on hospice.

Norm & Marilu Harrington– Praise! Josh & Amber were able to return to their home this week. Four weeks after the mudslide/flood. Thank you Camano Chapel family for loving them with your financial gifts to remove mud and repair damage to the cars and home. They are building a wall along the road. Thank you.

Kim & Kaitlyn Irish-Praise for our new home! Pray for all the final details to go smoothly. Isn’t it wonderful to know that even when our faith is small our God is still big!!

Lonnie & Sandi Albright-Praise God Lonnie is feeling better than he has in a long time. We would like to thank everyone for their prayers. We are still praying for a new kidney or complete healing.

Ivan Muzinich would like to report on the passing of Professor Geoffrey Chew on April 12 at age  95. He was emeritus at the Physics Department

at UC Berkeley. He was my thesis advisor and a giant amongst physicists in the latter part of the 20th Century. He was mentored by Edward Teller, George Gamow, and was a student of Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago. He had scores of students one of which is a Nobel Prize winner. I knew him for sixty years and he was like a second father to me.

He will be greatly missed by his family and the community of scholars.

Jay & Norma Mouton-Praise for spring!

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:
Brett Reid –Elder/Executive Pastor
Josie Colby-Director of Worship and Music
Kathie Irwin-His Garden
Tim Bardon-Elder

Village Missionaries: Kevin & Leslie Hausman, Calumet, MI: We live in the area of Upper Peninsula Michigan known as the Copper Country, about as far north as you can get in the UP. We live on the "fin" which is about 20 miles wide and 40 miles long and are surrounded by Lake Superior. We are in what is called a snow-belt due to lake-effect snow, which averages to around 300 inches of snow for us each year.  It is an extremely beautiful place to live regardless of the season. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please be in prayer for our two different Contenders Discipleship Initiative Classes that are currently in progress, and for several of the attending couples who are considering going into full-time ministry with Village Missions. Pray for our Bible Studies, Youth Group, and our outreach to a nearby drug/alcohol rehab facility. Pray for wisdom in reaching our community with the Gospel.

April 14, 2019

Camano Chapel offers condolences to Mark & Ann Peterson on the passing of Mark’s dad.

Camano Chapel offers condolences to Dan & Cheryl Haynes on the passing of Dan’s mother.

Carole Jacobs-My sincere thanks for all the prayers, cards and meals given so thoughtfully while I’m healing well from my recent hip replacement. You are all such blessings to Brian & me.

Pam Carroll-April 20th there will be a celebration of life for my lifetime friend and neighbor growing up, Mildred Jensen, at age 102 God finally took her home. Please pray that not only will people hear what a wonderful woman of God she was but also what an awesome God she served.

Teresa & Jack Nicholas-Thank you so much for your prayers and many kindnesses to our family Mary & Walt’s loss of Theresa. It has hit us all so hard. Your hearts remind us of her love in all of the gentle ways you care for us. There are no words for the comfort you give us in sharing.

Mary Ralston-Pray for churches in Louisiana that have been targeted by arson.

Wendy Freer-Thank you for your prayers. Jill went to meet Jesus last Sunday. No longer in pain...praise God.

Anonymous-Prayer for Duncan, a teenage boy who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, which has spread throughout his body. He is receiving chemo but the situation is not good. His parents are grieving (they are both believers). May the Lord carry Duncan gently to his eternal home, barring a miracle.

Norma & Jay Mouton-Praise for a husband who cares for me and helps me do all I do. Prayer for Jay’s brother, John, who needs to understand and accept his near-term future in the nursing home.

Gloria Kathan-Pray for my son, Alan Scott Kathan, who has liver failure. Thank you.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Matt Lee-Elder/Pastor of Jr. High
Jan Fekkes-Instrumental Leader
Gale Gildow & Joan Haidle-Connection Corner Coordinators
Don Schultz, Elder
Ryan & Jill Dolan- (Haiti)

Village Missionaries: John & Virginia Brady, Lone Rock, WA: Seabeck is a bedroom community for people who work in Bremerton & Seattle. It is located on the Hood Canal with the Olympic Mountains looming on the other side of the canal. The church building was originally the first school house for Seabeck back in 1905. PRAYER REQUESTS: We are slowly remodeling the church building and would appreciate prayers for that. We are currently making plans to tackle the kitchen remodel. Please pray for our church to reach and impact our community for the Lord Jesus. Pray for continued unity and for Christian growth in each of our lives. Also pray for our daughter who is in her final year of nursing school, to finish strong and be prepared for the state certification tests.