Prayer and Praise is an important aspect of Camano Chapel family life. We desire to support our church and our community in praying for their needs and celebrating answers to those prayers. We publish all requests submitted for the "General Church" in the bulletin each Sunday. Prayer requests submitted as "Staff Only" will be kept private within the church staff community. Please let us know of your prayer requests through form at the bottom of this page or contact the church office.

October 27, 2019

Camano Chapel extends condolences to Rick Kattner and family on the passing of his wife, Melba. A memorial service will be held November 2nd, 1 pm at Camano Chapel.

Vickie Millhouse-Praise God and thank you for prayers for healing on our daughter Siobhan’s back. The pain is now mostly been relieved, without treatments, only by God’s grace. Praise to God for our vacation the past 10 days. We moved to the island 2 1/2 years ago and now we’re able to take a vacation. God is so good and so faithful. We were able to enjoy the beauty in his creation.

Tracey Meck-We are entering the last week of the Fall 40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil. Please rally as prayer warriors during this final stretch that abortion will stop and in the mean time that young mothers will realize that their fetus is a distinct, living human and choose life.

Lonnie & Sandi Albright-We would like to let everyone know how much we appreciate all the help we have received over the past few years. It has helped us through some really tough times.

Chris & Alisha Hunter-Our Uncle Charlie Fox is currently having heart issues with a poor outcome. 90% blocked. Prayer for doctors that are knowledgeable, comfort and peace for him. Grace to family and friends through this time. He is a firm believer in God which comforts us.

Leonard Ralston-Pray for Barb Yarter-health issues and for Keith-emotional support. Also pray for upcoming Vets dinner-may we reach many and move forward.

Mary Ralston-It seems like forever has gone by, but Len & I are growing stronger in faith each day. We appreciate the prayers and concerns over the past 4 months. May God bless everyone.

Kathleen Nelson-Praise! My PET scan came back showing no cancer. This is a miracle for Stage 4 diagnosis! Thank you for your prayers-chemo continues so appreciate ongoing prayer for stamina to work and carry on finding out what God wants me to learn and do.

Jaime Wickstrom-Please pray for a young woman named Rose who tried to commit suicide last week. She is a college student in another state. She survived but her devout Catholic family is telling

Edd Lawhon-I’m leaving for South Carolina this week. Please pray for traveling mercies as I’m driving. Not certain when I’ll be back but looking forward to that day.

Anonymous-Please pray for Darla Keeton-injured ankle and requiring surgery Oct. 23rd. Recently moved into their new home and injured first morning. Thank you for your prayers for quick, full recovery.

Anonymous-Davis Crouch & The Barn Burners as they minister. Sarah Dolan as she travels and gets experience as a midwife to return to Haiti.

Julie Erickson-Please pray for our son Ben as he is having surgery on the 30th. Not only for all to go well but that during this time that his heart would be open to the Lord. Thank you.

Jill Gordon-Thank you for praying with me that my house in Covington, WA would sell.

Jay & Norma Mouton-Praise that my brother-in-law John was recently released from the hospital after suffering with pneumonia.

Gloria Kathan– Praise! Although my son Scott still has a failing liver you would never know he’s ill. His spirit is so joy-filled and he looks great. Praise you Father God, Jesus and all of you for your wonderful prayers.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Mike Brazeal-Elder/Connection Pastor

Steve Miner-Custodian

Bunny Sandvig, Dee Dee Warr & Patricia Blankenship-Women’s


James Headrick-Elder

Safe Harbor Free Clinic-(Stanwood, WA)

Village Missionaries: Andy & Staci Hall, Ridgway, MT: Situated on the grasslands of southeastern Montana amongst scattered buttes and hills, Ridgway is primarily a cattle and sheep ranching community with some farming. There are approximately 81 people within 15 miles of us. Our nearest neighbor is a mile away, our church (Hope Baptist Church) is nine miles away, and our closest town is 49 miles away. The weather conditions can be harsh. Two nearby tornadoes in the last two years, as well as a lot of wind, hail, flooding, mud, ice, snow and frigid temps, are all things that are part of life in Ridgway. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for unity and forgiveness in our community. Pray for wisdom and guidance as we move away from our AWANA program and into a new After School Bible Club. Pray that our church body would be a light to those in our community who are lost in darkness.