Prayer and Praise is an important aspect of Camano Chapel family life. We desire to support our church and our community in praying for their needs and celebrating answers to those prayers. We publish all requests submitted for the "General Church" in the bulletin each Sunday. Prayer requests submitted as "Staff Only" will be kept private within the church staff community. Please let us know of your prayer requests through form at the bottom of this page or contact the church office.

January 19, 2021

Debra Staringer-I’m scheduled for neck surgery on 1/26. Please pray I won’t fall again and do more damage to my neck. Pray protection from Covid. Pray successful surgery, all symptoms resolve and balance restored. I’m praying surgery will only happen on scheduled if it’s in God’s will.

Amy Perkins-My brother Larry, who deals with Parkinson's, fell twice this week and is in the hospital with broken vertebrae and nose. His wife Sue was with him yesterday in emergency at Swedish, waiting all day long for a bed. Thanks for your prayers for them.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries

Pastor Kris Kramer-Senior Pastor/Elder
Bo Steele-Technical Director
Steve and Lisa Anderson-Marriage Ministry
Rob Berrett-Administrative Board Vice-Chairman 
Youth Dynamics-(Stanwood/Arlington, WA)

Village Missionaries: Richard & Gabriela Toviah, Isabel, SD: Isabel has the population of about 170 people. We live on the Sioux Reservation. Our town is made up of ranchers and people that work in town. Like many towns in this area, some struggle with poverty, drugs, alcohol, suicide, and depression. Our goal is to bring hope and deliverance through the power of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray that we may reach more and more people through our street evangelism and inviting people to church. We believe lives can be transformed through the Lord Jesus Christ, through the preaching of the cross and the power of His Resurrection! (Prairie Fellowship Church, PO Box 95, Isabel, SD 57633)

January 12, 2021

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries

Pastor Brett Reid –Elder/Executive Pastor
Jennifer Clem-Admin Asst./Event Scheduler
Carol Clines, Susan Owen-Healing Hearts
Ray Harrison-Administrative Board Chairman
Women of Purpose-(World Concern/Kathy Harrison+friends)

Village Missionaries: Randy & Brenda Harmon, Kendrick CO: Kendrick Bible Church is located on the corner of two dirt roads surrounded by pasture, cattle, and a few horses. The nearest town is Rush, Colorado, located about 15 miles north of us, with only a post office, restaurant, and a couple of houses. Gas and groceries are an hour away. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for the ranchers in our area. We have been going through a severe drought and they have been struggling to keep their herds and to find affordable feed for their cattle. Pray that God will provide moisture through snow this winter and rain in the spring, and for wisdom as they have some very difficult decisions to make. Pray that God would give us wisdom and opportunities to make inroads within the community as it is very difficult to make connections and meet people here, especially now that there are limited sporting events and no other school activities. Many people move out here to to be isolated from others. Pray for the elderly in our area. It can be very lonely for them as everyone lives far apart. It is also difficult for them to get to town for supplies and medical help. Pray as a church we will be a blessing and help to them. (Kendrick Bible Church, 2985 County Road K, Rush, CO 80833  (719) 478-5576)

January 5, 2021

Jack Dorsey-Our friend, Rick Wesley’s daughter was one of the kids in the fatality car crash this past weekend. She is at Harbor View. Please pray for complete healing and peace and comfort for all involved and their families.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries

Pastor Matt Lee-Elder/Youth Ministries Pastor
Kathy Johnson-Asst. to Worship, Outreach & Missions
Heidi Hanson-Communion & Coffee Coordinator
Keith Erickson-Administrative Board 
Haley Galletly-(Chi Alpha Ch. Fellowship, WSU, Pullman, WA)

Village Missionaries: Bruce & Lynda Morock, Friant CA: Friant is a small hamlet of around 500 people 15 minutes north of Fresno, California’s largest inland city.  Most people who go to Friant is just passing through.  We are home to a large recreational lake, with camping and a busy casino. Most of the inhabitants of Friant are either retired or they commute to Fresno/Clovis for work.  The children in Friant are bused to schools in Clovis.

PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for growth in our little church, both numerically and spiritually.  Pray for our outreach ministries to the “less fortunate” in our community.  Pray for our church finances which have taken a hit during this pandemic.  Pray for strong male leadership in the church.  Pray for Bruce as he battles Stage 4 cancer. (Friant Foothill Bible Church, PO Box 78, Friant, CA 93626 (559) 822-2272)