Prayer and Praise is an important aspect of Camano Chapel family life. We desire to support our church and our community in praying for their needs and celebrating answers to those prayers. We publish all requests submitted for the "General Church" in the bulletin each Sunday. Prayer requests submitted as "Staff Only" will be kept private within the church staff community. Please let us know of your prayer requests through form at the bottom of this page or contact the church office.

Teresa Nicholas-Praise: Corinne Werme is celebrating her birthday this week! Thank You Jesus for my friend full of encouragement and joy who reaches and teaches so many of us in the tenderness and truth of Christ. In this time when so many of our “Grands” are out of our grasp I pray we send out our prayers, our cards, our love, and our virtual hugs in remembrance of His love. MeeMaw, your Camano Chapel family loves you and is thankful for your every breath that speaks of His life!

Patricia Blankenship-Lon has a brain bleed this weekend, was taken to Harbor View for emergency surgery. Is recuperating in ICU. Please pray for healing.

Don Thompson-Please pray for my wife, Stephanie. She will be having post op consultation on the 28th this month for her back surgery now scheduled for November 2nd. We need God’s wisdom for both ourselves and the surgeon to make the right course of action.  (Web)

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries

Pastor Matt Lee-Elder/Youth Ministries Pastor 
Becky Vargas-Pre-Kindergarten
Keith & Leslie Christenson-Marriage Ministry 
Ray Harrison-Administrative Board Chairman
Raymond & Ruby Mensah-(Antioch Bible Church, Ghana, Africa)

Village Missionaries:   Ray & Carla Berry, Arcadia, NE: Arcadia is a quaint town on the Middle Loup River, among hills with grass and cows. There is flat land as well, with center pivots (irrigation) of soybeans and corn. PRAYER REQUESTS: Faith Bible Church is a spiritual lighthouse in a dark land. The people are self-sufficient, hard-working, consider themselves “American” which some think is synonymous with Christianity. Please pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be heard, and that it will change hearts and lives. We struggle with COVID-19 issues, as many have. But we are still able to offer several Bible studies, Zoom Bible studies, and Facebook live options. Pray Jesus Christ will change lives through them. (Faith Bible Church, PO Box 128, Arcadia, NE 68815)

October 20, 2020

Delich-Please pray for the metrics to remain steady so our kids can get back into the classroom!

Jim & Pam Petri-Pam’s brother, Randy has had some strokes and his health is deteriorating. He needs 24/7 care. The family is meeting to decide what to do. Pray for help and guidance. Pray also for Randy’s  salvation and healing.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries

Pastor Mich Michl-Elder/Pastor of Local Outreach & Missions
Sandy Shook- Asst. to Senior & Executive Pastors 
Steve and Lisa Anderson-Marriage Ministry
Mike McGrath-Administrative Board  
Osi & Jennifer Halalilo-(YWAM, Tonga)

Village Missionaries: Steve & Elaine Powers, Dalkena, WA: We are located about 40 miles northeast of Spokane, near the Idaho border and along the beautiful Pend Oreille River. The area is popular for retirement and vacation homes on the river and surrounding lakes. Employment in our rural area consists largely of logging, ranching, and the accompanying service-related jobs. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray with us as we resume regular weekly ministries following the Covid-19 slow down over the spring and summer months. In June we hired a youth pastor; pray that we can be effective in growing our children’s and youth ministries as the Lord opens doors. Also pray that we can effectively minister to several in our church body who are fighting cancer. Pray for overall unity in the church body as we work together to reach the lost here in the Pend Oreille River Valley. (Dalkena Community Church, 182 Dalkena St, Newport, WA 99156)

October 13, 2020

Cara Hartenbach-Please pray for my dear girlfriend, Cherie, who has chronic kidney failure and has had many medical issues even though she is only 52.  Please lift Cherie up in prayer and pray that the doctors have wisdom in her treatment.

Jamal Cheatham -Can you pray with me to get permanent custody of my son (7 year old) and my daughter (11 year old); because their mother’s (two different women) are teaching them evil things in life. I want to raise my kids in Jesus Christ and I’m praying for His divine grace (favor) to get permanent custody of my kids from their mother’s.

Dixie-Pray for healing and pain control for Carolyn Tilton due to eye surgery.

Edd Lawhon-Scott is currently at the hospital in Stanford, CA. Pray that he doesn’t have to wait long for a liver transplant. And pray for the donor and family that they realize their gift is a gift from God. Thank you.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries

Pastor Mike Brazeal-Elder/Connection Pastor 
Aaron Bardon - High School Youth Leader
Carol Clines, Susan Owen - Healing Hearts
Keith Erickson - Administrative Board  
Ryan & Jill Dolan- (Haiti)

Village Missionaries: Lee & Arlene Stephenson, Progress, BC: We are located about 30 km west of Dawson Creek, BC, which is the start of the Alaska Highway. It is mostly farming and ranching in our area. There is also a lot of natural gas activity going on. Many of our young people have moved to find work in the coal mines south of us. PRAYER REQUESTS: Wisdom to keep the church operating and ways to reach people in this time of COVID-19. We would like to see a youth group get started again. Pray also for Bill and Kathleen Mann as they intern with us and will possibly take over next year. (Peace Mission Chapel, Box 100, Progress, BC V0C 2E0, Canada)

October 6, 2020

Tom Landon-Pray for my wife Joyce, for a breathing problem. She has used a breathing machine but it didn’t work. Thanks

Terry Martell-biopsy on Thursday for possible prostate cancer.

Megan Haferkamp-Prayer for Adam & Norene to find a place to live. They were homeless and living with me for several months. Thankful Adam has a job now.

Jessica M -Please pray for me. I have severe debilitating tinnitus. It's very loud. I cry every day and night. Please pray that Jesus will heal me. Thank you.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries

Pastor Kris Kramer-Senior Pastor/Elder
Mark Peterson-Facility Director 
Heidi Hanson-Communion & Coffee Coordinator 
Allen Staringer-Administrative Board  
Vali & Era Nikolli- (CRU-Tirana, Albania)

Village Missionaries:   Paul & Lynn Wager, Fairview, OR: With a population of about 400, our small, beautiful valley is surrounded by timberland and is about 10 miles from the town of Coquille. The small store at “The Four Corners” is the only business in town. Most people commute to work, though some people work in the logging industry. This is a popular recreation area.


  1. Our small congregation has remained very faithful during COVID-19. Pray for perseverance and continued growth in faith.
  2. The fall outreach ministries were canceled due to state regulations. We are hoping to have our Christmas services. Pray that we would continue to adapt our ministries to reach our neighbors.
  3. Our church building will be used as a temporary classroom and “Hot Spot” for remote learning for grades 4- 12. Pray for safety and that this would be helpful and a good witness to the community.
  4. Pray for us, a few health issues related to aging and transportation issues; that the Lord would continue to use us in this place for His glory. Thank you!

(Fairview Community Church, 96718 Fairview Sumner Ln, Coquille, OR 97423)