Prayer and Praise is an important aspect of Camano Chapel family life. We desire to support our church and our community in praying for their needs and celebrating answers to those prayers. We publish all requests submitted for the "General Church" in the bulletin each Sunday. Prayer requests submitted as "Staff Only" will be kept private within the church staff community. Please let us know of your prayer requests through form at the bottom of this page or contact the church office.

August 3, 2020

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries

Pastor Mike Brazeal-Elder/Connection Pastor  
Ashley Johnson-Childrens Ministry Director 
Keith Pappas-Jr. High Sunday School & Camp 
Rob Berrett-Administrative Board Vice-Chairman   
Safe Harbor Free Clinic-(Stanwood, WA) 

Village Missionaries: Darrell & Robin Weiland, Bridge, OR: Bridge is a small rural community with less than 200 people within a 10 mile radius of the Church. We’re located 10 miles east of Myrtle Point just off Hwy 42 and halfway between Roseburg (I-5) and Coos Bay (Hwy 101) in Southwestern Oregon. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray that the Corona virus outbreak will be over soon and for the many small businesses that have been impacted by it. Pray that God will use this to draw people to Him. Pray that God will use us and our church fellowship to boldly share the Gospel effectively. Pray for God’s provision for our daughter, Tiffany and son-in-law, Drew who were both laid off due to recent national events. Thanks! (Bridge Community Church, 98171 Bridge Ln, Myrtle Point, OR 97458) 

July 27, 2020

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries

Pastor Kris Kramer-Senior Pastor/Elder
Beth Erickson-Asst. to Youth Ministries
Heidi Hanson-Communion & Coffee Coordinator
Ray Harrison-Administrative Board Chairman
Youth Dynamics-(Stanwood/Arlington, WA)

Village Missionaries: Tom & Kathie Peyton, Mingo, KS: We have been pastoring this wonderful, loving congregation at Mingo Bible Church for 10 ½ years. Mingo, which varies in population from 12 to 20 people, is officially listed as a ghost town. The church, consisting mostly of farmers, retired people, and some of other occupations, is located about 10 miles from Colby, in northwest Kansas (about an hour from the Colorado and Nebraska borders). PRAYER REQUESTS: The people are very well grounded in the Word of God and sound Bible doctrine, and some are strongly gifted in Bible teaching and church music. A young family started Youth Group this past year. The ladies have made filler items for Operation Christmas Child for several years. Tom is enjoying a fruitful ministry at the Thomas County Jail in Colby. Another Bible study at an independent & assisted living facility is temporarily shut down due to the virus. Please pray for wisdom and continued unity during this shut down and re-opening period. (Mingo Bible Church, 420 Main Mingo, Colby, KS 67701)

July 20, 2020

Phil & Kay Tobin-We praise the Lord and thank you for praying for us as we had the service for our son Will. We presented the Gospel and offered to give our testimony. All went well.


Don & Gail Barrett-To our Camano Chapel family; We are so grateful for prayers, encouragement, support, and beautiful flowers at our front door yesterday. You all bring light into our world. Jesus is so vital in our lives. He is a strong and mighty fortress in our troubles. Love all of you.

Nita Carlson-Sending a thank you as a nice man came to my door with some flowers saying they were from the Chapel. Such a nice surprise. Made my thank you all.

Linda Thayer-Chapel Family, I was pleasantly surprised on June 18th (my 60th birthday) when I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers on my front porch with a note card signed “From Your Chapel Family”. Thank you so much to the people responsible for doing that! It was such a kind gesture and really brightened my day and made me smile.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Brett Reid –Elder/Executive Pastor
Gloria Walsh- Financial Director
Kathie Irwin-His Garden
Mike McGrath-Administrative Board 
Women of Purpose-(World Concern/Kathy Harrison+friends)

Village Missionaries: Paul & Glenda Burns, Burley, WA: Burley Bible Church is located on the beautiful South Kitsap Peninsula.  Many commute to work in Tacoma, Seattle, and to the Bremerton Naval Shipyard and Keyport Submarine base. We have our own Christian School, preschool - 12th grades. The church has sent out many missionaries over the years and ¼ of our offerings go back into missions. It is our joy to support Village Missions. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for wisdom as we begin holding Bible studies and church services again after the Covid-19 quarantine. Pray that we would be able to hold VBS later this summer, our annual church picnic, campout and also open our Christian school again in September. Pray for a smooth transition to new leadership as I plan to retire the end of the year after nearly 20 years at Burley Bible Church.

July 13, 2020

Darryl Welch-During the evening on Thursday, my mother Else began to experience some odd symptoms while preparing to go to bed. Thankfully my sister Diane was present with her. Mom felt numbness in her hand, face and her leg on one side was not responding. She was able to clearly discuss her symptoms to Diane. Diane called 911 and Mom was brought to the emergency room. Mom was assessed in the ER and it was determined that she had experienced a stroke. She continues to be responsive to the doctors and nurses. At this time she remains in the hospital and is being monitored. She is only able to stand with considerable assistance. It is difficult since my sisters cannot visit her in the hospital due to Covid protocols. We are hoping and praying that mom can go back to her apartment soon and that my sisters are able to arrange for needed care and physical therapy for Mom. At age 87, Mom is thankful for a good life but is ready to go to be with the Lord when he calls. Please pray for Diane that her Faith will continue to sustain her. It was only six months ago that her husband John died. Thank you.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Matt Lee-Elder/Pastor of Grades 6 - 8 and Young Adult Ministries
Steve Miner-Custodian
Betty Olson-Care Meals Coordinator
Keith Erickson-Administrative Board 
Haley Galletly-(Chi Alpha Ch. Fellowship, CWU, Ellensburg, WA)

Village Missionaries: David Wright, International Service Center (ISC), Dallas, OR: I enjoy serving Village Missions as Accountant in the finance department, supporting Jim Cross and Robin McAllister. I also serve as a bi-vocational pastor of a small Evangelical church here in Dallas, Oregon, which has an emphasis on recovery ministries. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for my wife Pam, who is fighting breast cancer. Pray for her healing and support through: Chemo treatments; surgery; social isolation and perhaps additionally radiation treatments. Currently we are finishing up Chemo which started in late March and continues bi-weekly through early July. Please also pray for me as I serve: my wife and family; Village Missions and my local Church body.

July 7, 2020

Camano Chapel extends condolences to Lynn Kotovic and family on the passing of her husband Robert on July 5th.

Amy Perkins-Please pray for my 18 month old great-niece who has been sick with a high fever for a number of days. She has been to the doc twice. Little Maisie wakes every hour day or night in distress. Her parents are exhausted and are of course very worried about her. Thank you.

Pat Burke-As a ProLife advocate, I'm asking various ministries to agree in prayer to end abortion by asking Almighty God to awaken the conscience of the moms and dads who are ignoring their God given maternal and paternal instincts to protect, nurture and provide for their children. Too many moms and dads believe the lies taught by our secular culture resulting in babies perishing and the parents being severely wounded because of their lack of knowledge.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Mich Michl-Elder/Pastor of Local Outreach & Missions
Bob Schroepfer-Custodian
Mary Anne Rasmussen-Chapelites Prayer
Greg Davidson-Administrative Board 
Mattie Stockman-(Wild at Heart Youth Ranch, Stanwood, WA)

Village Missionaries: Tim & Bonnie Goold, Hillside, OR: Hillside Bible Church is located in Forest Grove, Oregon. All the expertise of Portland is just an hour east, while the grandeur of the Pacific Ocean is an hour west. The community is nestled among the beauty of acreage covered with filbert orchards, blueberry crops, wheat & corn fields and towering pines. PRAYER REQUESTS: This precious, committed body of believers are on the verge of breaking ground for their new church building! They are continually seeking the Lord for clear direction in every detail involved in developing this structure designed to offer an honorable place of worship and spiritual growth. We are so thankful for the multiple ways the Lord has abundantly provided and blessed over these two years since the fire. This is a transition time for the church, as gathering isn't as it once was, nor what it will be until the building is complete. Please pray that the faith and sweet bond this congregation shares in knowing Christ only continually grows stronger as each one draws closer to the Lord individually and as a church family. Bonnie and I have been privileged to serve here for half of our 42 years of ministry, but come this August, we will be retiring and moving to Montana. May each of us pray like Paul in Acts 20: 24, "that I may finish my course, and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify solemnly of the gospel of the grace of God."

June 29, 2020

Kathy Staggs-Thank you for the prayers calls and cards sent out on my behalf! God is so good! I am healing well from my back surgery. I’m still at home recovering but will be back at church building as soon as I can sit for more than 15 minutes . Praising the Lord

Alysha Wilcox-Praise-Haylee had a safe trip to see her dad and then to SC. Prayers - for guidance for my oldest daughter as she navigates being an adult and making good choices out on her own. Also prayers for my youngest daughter as she is having a really hard time with her sister being gone. With her sister going out to see family she hasn't seen in a while, and see her dad who hasn't been out to see her in over a year and doesn't often return her calls. We have had lots of meltdowns, outburst, and frustrations about everything. With her only being 9 having all these emotions of hurt, anger, jealousy and so much more and struggling with her emotions

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Mike Brazeal-Elder/Connection Pastor
Allison Reid-Preschool
Heather Newcomer-Librarian
Logan Fatigate-Administrative Board
Bill & Marilyn Wayland-(Peace/Rest Haven Ministry, Cam. Is, WA)

Village Missionaries: Don & Gaylene Manning, La Pine, OR: La Pine sits 30 miles south of Bend, Oregon, close to the popular Sunriver Resort area. La Pine once had a thriving timber industry. It is now primarily a bedroom and retirement community that is growing rapidly. PRAYER REQUESTS: 1) Health for the church family: three men are being treated for cancer – pray for strength, peace and healing. 2) Opportunities to connect with community members so they can hear of Christ’s love. 3) Praise the Lord for raising up new Village Missionaries Ronnie and Carrie Burnett from this church family and recently sending them out to Dunsmuir, California.

June 23, 2020

Sheila Arntson- My brother Steve was informed yesterday that he has stage 4 liver cancer. Has opted to not do any treatment. They will be contacting Hospice in the next week or two. He wants no visits or phone calls. Asking God to be merciful as he's in a great deal of pain and for his wife and family to have strength and God's peace. Thanks

Bunny Sandvig- My Step-son Shawn was just admitted to icu in Washington DC. Multiple organs failed. On ventilator. Tested for COVID19 but don’t have results yet. Has chronic heart disease and pacemaker. Pray for salvation and healing. Thank you.

Jeanné Mirgon-Please pray for Clairesse as she gets ready to go to Stonewater Ranch next week to serve this summer with the horse program with Youth Dynamics. Currently, they can work with families up there and the prayer is for Chelan Counry to go to phase whatever so they can accommodate the camps scheduled for July. Pray for her support to come in to. She also needs a reliable car.

Mark Dutcher-I have so many health problems I get overwhelmed I need guidance from the Lord . I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me so I need His strength right now. Thank you  (360) 454-4700

Dawn McCorkle-Hello to you! I have a co-worker who lives in Denver with his 2 daughters(I work from home here on Camano Island-the company I work for is based in Denver). He's a single Dad, his wife passed away a few years ago from cancer. His youngest daughter is a junior in high school and was accepted into a nursing program that she was really looking forward to. The program is being cancelled due to this virus and according to her dad, she's devastated. They aren't saved and I've been praying for them but then I remembered that I could ask you too. Please pray for that whole family to turn to the Lord and be saved and then when life's stuff happens, they'll be able to know where their help comes from. Please also pray that nursing program is still available because I think nursing is a wonderful profession. Thanks very much and God bless you!

Kathy Staggs-Thank you all so much for your prayers, calls and cards. My back surgery went very well! Staples came out on Wednesday and I haven’t felt this good in years!

Annelle Martin-John’s caretaker, Laura Lee Mitchell is asking for prayer for her daughter, Jamie Lee, who is in premature labor at 32 weeks and has been taken to Providence Women’s Pavilion. Please pray for God’s protection for both the baby girl and mama.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Kris Kramer-Senior Pastor/Elder

Berna Michl-Preschool

Bill & Cindy Richards-1st & 2nd Service Greeter Coordinators

Heidi Delich-Administrative Board

Pregnancy Resource Center- (Everett, WA)

Village Missionaries: Matt & Tina Schnetz, McKenna, WA: McKenna Community Church is located in the beautiful and rainy Pacific Northwest between Olympia, Washington, and Mount Rainier. Our community is made up of military families who serve at nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord, small-scale horse ranchers, and those who commute to Olympia/Seattle for work. PRAYER REQUESTS: Please pray for our jail ministry that sends teams each week to reach the men and women who are incarcerated. Also, pray for our High School youth group, that they would internalize and apply the teachings from the book of Proverbs. Finally, pray for all the marriages/parents within the church, that they would honor and glorify God.

June 15, 2020

Sarah Glanz-Daughter Valerie-healing, deliverance, salvation; Yvonne-sinus operation 6/10; Debbie-healing; son Dan-heal 4 disks, painful; J.J. Jr-salvation; Darno-protection; Oliver-protection from mom and her boyfriend-they need Jesus, salvation; my hubby and me-strength; our nation-healing.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Brett Reid –Elder/Executive Pastor
Becky Vargas-Pre-Kindergarten
Karen Morton -HIS Clothes Closet
James Headrick-Elder
Chris & Tammy Immer- (Village Missions, Lummi Island, WA)

Village Missionaries: Landon & Renee Brent, Mattawamkeag, ME: Mattawamkeag is a town of 670 people, situated on the confluence of the Mattawamkeag and Penobscot Rivers in Northern Central Maine. When the Interstate was built, it devastated the local economy, routing traffic past the town. With almost no industry here, most people are retired or unemployed/ underemployed. PRAYER REQUESTS: We need wisdom as we disciple young men to become leaders in the church. God is doing an amazing work among the young people here, and we are grateful for the youth group that He is growing; pray for this next generation that they would continue to make the Lord's Kingdom their priority. Please also pray that as our church is seeing a large influx of young people, the Lord would supply the resources to serve them and others. Pray for open doors into the lives of men who can lead their whole families to believe in and follow Jesus.

June 8, 2020

Kay & Phil Tobin-Praise! Thank you Lord for all the outpouring of encouragement and love from our brothers and sisters at Camano Chapel. It has comforted our hearts during this time of grief.

Pastor Mich-Will you please pray with me for a 23 year old Haitian friend hit by a tap tap (truck taxi) today while riding his motorcycle in Haiti? He’s clinging to life. I led him to Christ 5 years ago and is a leader in his church. His name is RENEL.

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Matt Lee-Elder/Pastor of Jr. High
Sandy Shook- Asst. to Senior & Executive Pastors                                               
Debbie Noyes-His Pantry
Tim Bardon-Elder
Ken & Charlotte Schmidt- (Village Missions

Village Missionaries: JD & Katie Milton, Buskirk, NY: West Hoosick Baptist Church is located about 30 miles northeast of Albany, NY, right on the Vermont border. Our little church is often forgotten on the backroads outside of our community. Once a bustling river town with several factories, Hoosick now suffers lasting effects from those now-closed factories that dumped chemical waste into the rivers, that still contaminate the water supply. The farms that dot the countryside used to be thriving chicken and dairy farms, but very few are still in operation. Some folks work for small businesses in town, but a vast majority commute to the city for work or are enjoying retirement. PRAYER REQUESTS: 1) Pray for opportunities to meet and develop relationships with the young families in our community. 2) Pray for the spiritual and physical growth of our church. 3) Pray for our monthly luncheons, which provide a platform to serve and build relationships with the senior citizens in our community.

June 1, 2020

Hello from the Parrish family!! We have missed our Camano church family but we are doing great!! Eric is attending Liberty university online to get his masters in theology and our health has improved so much! The kids are growing and doing great! And we welcomed our eighth baby, Levi, into our family in April. Just wanted to let you know we miss you and what a blessing you were to us!!

Pray for our Pastors, Staff Members, Volunteer Leadership, Church Board and Missionaries:

Pastor Mich Michl-Elder/Pastor of Local Outreach & Missions
Aaron Bardon-High School Youth Leader
Keith Pappas-Jr. High Sunday School & Camp
Don Schultz-Elder
Brian & Bethany Meaden- Camp Bighorn, Paradise, MT

Village Missionaries: Casey & Hope Holencik, Bangor, CA: Our 650 person “postal designated area,” not quite in the town of Bangor, CA, is nestled in the Butte Mountain foothills. It is a very dry region but has beautiful horse country and homesteads. There are no stop lights; but we have a post office, fire department, 100-child K-8 school, feed store, and corner store. We are famous for our Mennonite bakery. Our tiny but mighty church, is really branching out and reaching the community with Christ’s love, meeting the many needs of the people due to fires, loss, and other small-town issues. PRAYER REQUESTS: Pray for our growing relationship with the school kids and teachers, VBS this summer, and other possible children’s outreach. Our CDI class is growing as well, and we are encouraged by how many genuinely want to study the Bible. There are not many community events to meet people in an organic, easy way, so we try to strike up conversations wherever we can. Please pray for more places and opportunities to get to know those we haven’t yet met. We are encouraged that after being here only 2 years now, the people are seeing that we care and are here to stay; they are even calling me Casey more often than “pastor.” We love our community her