Welcome to the ChurchCenter

Church Center is a streamlined way to connect with Camano Chapel and each other. Church center
will work hand in hand with our connect page to give easy access to sign ups, online directory,
kids check ins and more.

Download the app today to get started.

 Step One:

Download the Church Center App above to your phone or tablet and complete the set-up process by chosing Camano Chapel as your home church and logging in with your phone number or e-mail address.


Step Two:

If you need help with Church Center please see the videos below.

You can use the Church Center app hand-in-hand with our Connect page to:

  • Check your children in for Children's Ministry events including, Sunday School, Nursery, Awana, VBS and more.
  • Sign up for events and Bible studies
  • Visit the Connect page to see what is happening
  • View the online directory - Make sure you request access to the directory here

If you need more help with ChurchCenter please see the videos below, if you are still experiencing issues please call the church office.

Step Three - Tutorial Videos:

Church Center & Online Directory Introduction

Accessing the Directory - Desktop

Mobile/Tablet Tutorial

Household & Individual Profile Photos

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to Church Center?
Desktop, visit
Mobile, or search for Church Center in your app store

How private is my information online?
The online directory is through Planning Center Online, which is our current church database system. We as a staff already use this system to keep track of contact info. In short, Planning Center Online hosts the data, but we as a church own the data. This means the data is completely secure.

The entirety of your data is only visible to church staff and key volunteers while verified church attenders only have access to the information you choose to share.

Gaining access is a two step process where attendees fill out an access request form, and staff members verify that the attendee does in fact attend Camano Chapel.

How do I change my directory photos?
In the desktop or mobile view click “My profile & settings” under “Hello, {Your Name}.
In desktop, click the edit button top of your photo to upload a photo from your computer.
In mobile, click “Contact & Profile Information,” then click on your photo to upload a new photo from your phone or take a new photo.

How do I update my directory information?
In the desktop or mobile view click “My profile & settings” under “Hello, {Your Name}.
Then click “Directory Profile” at the bottom of four items listed under your name
Update the information you share by checking or unchecking the boxes next to your information.

How do I search for someone in the directory?
On desktop, look for the gray menu in the upper right corner, click “Directory”
On Mobile, look for the gray menu at the bottom of the app, click “Directory” or the little notebook with a person.

If someone is not in the directory how do I get their information?
If someone has chosen not to be listed in the directory, to protect their personal information, their contact info will only be shared with staff members and key volunteers. You can call the church office and we will contact the person you are looking for to see what information they are willing to share.

How do I get a printed directory?
You must first opt into the printed directory yourself, then you can pick up a copy at the Church office for a $5 donation. (Calling in advance of pick-up will allow the directory to printed before you arrive.)

If I need help with Church Center, who can I contact?
We recommend you first watch the tutorial video located at If you still need help after watching this video, please call the church office or stop by so we can help you. If you are having problems with your home computer unrelated to Church Center we will not be able to help. But if you are using the Church Center App on your phone and you come by the church office we can sit down and walk you through the basics.

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