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If you need help with online giving please contact the church office at 360-387-7202.

Online giving is available at Camano Chapel. The following explains how it works:

Camano Chapel has online giving available to those who desire to use it. Users of online giving are responsible for setting up and controlling their online giving options themselves.

Church leadership suggests that your tithe (see FAQs below) or first giving should be directed to the General Fund.  The General Fund is used, after its own 10% tithe to missions, by all ministries of the Chapel, as well as for salaries and administrative expenses.  After making this tithe, it is recommended that you look to give any offerings (supplemental, above-and-beyond the tithe giving), to other categories such as individual missionaries, the Saratoga Hall Project, etc.

You will be able to constantly track your online giving by logging in and viewing your history. You may give instantly by setting up an account, but to view your online contribution history, please allow one week for that information to be linked to your new account.


The online giving registration form requires you to give us contact information (like your name and e-mail address). Camano Chapel will not sell or rent your personal information to third parties. This information is stored in your file in a secure environment separate from our website.

A printable brochure regarding tithing can be viewed here.

Online Giving FAQ's