Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Classes are a great next step beyond attending worship services. Classes provide a time of teaching and discussion with an aim of building relationship around God's Word. Adult Sunday school classes will start again on September 15, 2018.

We also have Children's (click here), Junior High (click here) and High School (click here) Sunday school classes. 

2020 Winter Class choices
starting January 12, 2020

Starting Point Class
Room 304-Facilitator: Pastor Kris Kramer - Host: Pastor Brett Reid

If you’re new to the Chapel, this class is for you! The Starting Point Class is a ministry that helps newcomers and new believers gain a biblical perspective. During our time together, you will get to know our Senior and Executive Pastors. You will also make friends with others who are new to the church.

Solo Connection (For widowed women)
Room 308-Facilitator: Gloria Walsh

“Rediscover the wonder of grace by watching Jesus live it out. Our world both inside and outside the church is full of talk about grace. But grace is easily misunderstood. We will explore grace through the lens of Jesus’s interactions and teaching in the gospel of Luke.” GRACE THROUGH THE EYES OF JESUS by Paul Miller.

Challengers (Growing in Christ)
Room 416-Facilitators: Pastor Mich Michl and Jake Krestinski

Topic: “Bringing Jesus to Your Workplace“

This quarter will feature 12 individuals coming in our class sharing the challenges and joys of bringing their Jesus to work with them. A variety of people (Educators, Commercial Pilots, Businessmen/Women, Salesmen, etc.) will speak each Sunday on how it is/was to be true to their faith amidst the challenges of working in the marketplace of the 21st century.  

Marriage Ministry  
Room 413-Facilitators: Anderson, Christenson, Klesick

Love, Sex & Lasting Relationships, by Chip Ingram. Why is “true love” so elusive?  Could it be that the picture of love we see in today’s culture is nothing more than an illusion? Join us as we discover God’s way for finding love, staying in love, and growing in intimacy for a lifetime.

Thru the Bible 
Upper Room-Facilitator: Jan Fekkes

This class is an in-depth exploration of the background, setting, and contemporary application of God's great story in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. This quarter we will be exploring Paul's great letter to the Romans. Teens welcome.

Men of Valor
Room 415-Facilitators: James Headrick, Greg Davidson, Dave Adams, Mark Crawford

“Disciplines Of A Godly Man” is a study that speaks to men about character, integrity, growing in Christ, and being a godly man. We invite men of the Chapel to join us for fellowship as iron sharpens iron.

Women of Hope
Room 414-Facilitators: Joyce Kramer, Kristen Pappas, Mary Schultz, Carol Pope

Come join a study for women of all ages, in any season of life.  We will compare misbeliefs about God, ourselves, our circumstances and more with the truth of God's word that will set us free to live the abundant life God intended.