Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Classes are a great next step beyond attending worship services. Classes provide a time of teaching and discussion with an aim of building relationship around God's Word. Adult Sunday school classes start each fall in September.

We also have Children's (click here), Junior High (click here) and High School (click here) Sunday School.

Sunday at 10:15 am

Thru the Bible 
Upper Room-Facilitator: Jan Fekkes

This class is an in-depth exploration of the background, setting, and contemporary application of God's great story in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. This quarter we will be continuing Paul's great letter to the Romans (interrupted by Covid), with a review for those just starting. Teens welcome.  Live Stream and Class Notes Here.

Challengers (Growing in Christ)
Room 418-Facilitators: Pastor Mich Michl and Jake Krestinski

Topic: “The Gospel In Life” by Timothy Keller

This video series by Timothy Keller explores how the gospel has the ability to change the human heart, a local community, and the world itself through ordinary people like you and I, as the church lives out the gospel in its every- day life.

Men of Valor
Room #415-Facilitator: James Headrick, Tim Bardon, Don Schultz

Topic: Standing Tall (Developing Leaders Around You)

"The book of Nehemiah is one of the greatest sources for leadership development that has ever been written. This series helps us discover from Nehemiah himself, the heart and means of leading others to accomplish the impossible.”

Single Moms Life Group
Saratoga Hall room #414 – Facilitators: Ron & Judy Hoefer, Molly Christensen

Topic: Emerge: Life Lessons for Single Moms     

In this group, you will discover fresh encouragement to flourish as a single mom. You will receive practical insights and godly wisdom to help you in daily life as you face the many choices in life as you face the many choices in life that are unique to the single mom and her kids. Join us as we leave the old behind and “emerge” into God’s promised peace, insight and joy for your life.

Marriage Ministry
Saratoga Hall room #413 – Facilitators: Aaron & Emily Klesick

Topic: Love Talk series by Les & Leslie Parrott “We set off to crack the code for meaningful conversation… a plan that would move our communication from good to great. And we found it. A deep and simple plan for everything a loving conversation has to offer. We call it LOVE TALK”.

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