Sunday School is for children ages 2 through 5th grade (with classes for all ages available). Sunday School meets every Sunday during September through June at 10:00am. The children enjoy elementary Bible training in their classes, learning the essential Bible stories that are so important for their spiritual growth, and make friends. Our curriculum has been updated and includes many hands-on projects to reinforce Biblical principles and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have wonderful volunteers who commit for a full year of teaching kids about who Christ is through creative lessons. Be sure to stop by, say hi, and thank the dedicated volunteers who serve faithfully.

High School and Junior High also have their own Sunday School classes during this hour. High School and Junior High classes are located in the upstairs of building 300 (C.E. Building). High School in room 314 and Junior High in room 313. To learn more about these ministries visit the High School and Junior High pages.

Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School Classes are a great next step beyond attending worship services. Classes provide a time of teaching and discussion with an aim of building relationship around God's Word. Adult Sunday school classes will start again on September 16, 2018.

Fall 2018 Class Choices

STARTING POINT CLASS (For all newcomers)
Location: Rm 304 Facilitator: Pastor Kris  If you are new to the church or just want to keep growing, this is the class for you.  Topics we will be covering: The Bible, The Holy Spirit, The problem of evil and more.

Solo Connection (Widows-For women who have lost their husbands) 
Location: Room 413 Facilitator: Gloria Walsh
"The Book of Psalms" the Smart Guide to the Bible series
"Every human emotion finds its expression in the psalms, or "songs" as they were originally written. Although we no longer have the musical score that accompanied them, these timeless words still bring hope and healing.  We will learn the setting and meaning behind each of these 150 songs to help us realize their relevance for us today."

The Discovery Class - TWO OPTIONS! 9:35 AM & 10:10 AM
Location: Room 102/Hearth Room Facilitator: Keith Yarter/Charlie Keith
The Book of Proverbs: The Purpose, Power and Promise-Chapters 1-7. The class will explore the Book of Proverbs and its purpose, power and promises. To discover the language that gives wisdom, instruction, discretion, and understanding to us who seek it. To look at familiar, or unfamiliar verses, to live the life God seeks for us each day.

Location: Rm 416 Facilitator: Pastor Mich Michl
Personal Preparation for a Lifetime of Service: Sometimes we use words in the Christian church that we assume everyone understands. But what about words like "missions", "evangelism" and "discipleship?" What do those mean, and how do they apply to the Christian life?  In this class we will explore what the Bible teaches about each of these vital subjects, and how every believer, regardless of how long they've been a Christian, can grow as a follower of Jesus.

Marriage Ministry
Location: Room 414 Facilitators: Andersons, Wagners, Christensons
Join us as we study God's Word and Andy Stanley's three key teachings help you transform your expectations and examine the "I's"of marriage: "Keeping My 'I' On You", "Putting Your 'I' Out", and "It Takes Three".

Thru the Bible
Location: Upper Room Facilitator: Jan Fekkes
This class is an in-depth exploration of the background, setting, and contemporary application of God's great story in Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. This quarter we will be continuing our study of Paul's letters integrated with the Book of Acts. There will be a review for newcomers. Teens welcome.

Legacy Builders
Location: Rm 415 Facilitator: Pastor Brett Reid 
A class for parents-to-be, parents, and grandparents covering a variety of topics helping make faith the core of our parenting (grandparenting) as you weave your legacy.  This Fall, we will be studying "The Art of Parenting" from FamilyLife.  Our lessons are from parents who have applied the timeless principles of character, discipline, identity, and mission (to name a few) from the highs of parenting to the lows.

Location: Rm 312 Facilitator: Jim and Jen Wilkin & Eric Parrish
This class is for all 18-30's year old adults both married and single who want to wrestle with REAL life and REAL issues in a biblical way. This innovative class will be a safe place to build community, grow in your faith and be challenged maybe like you have never been before.