Engaged to be married? We are glad you are inquiring about what we believe God desires for your marriage and how we at Camano Chapel can prepare for and be a part of your wedding event. Please review the following wedding policy, as well as frequently asked questions. Your first step will be to download, complete and submit both the Bride and Groom wedding applications. Additional questions should be addressed with one of the pastors.

Important Questions and Answers about marriage and wedding planning:

(Please review all items)

What does the Bible say about marriage?

Important Questions and Answers about marriage and wedding planning (Please review all items)

It is our desire that your wedding be the happiest experience possible and that your marriage be all God intends for it to be.

We believe in the sancitity of marriage as established by the Word of God, that God created marriage, and that the only legitimate marriage is the joining of one man to one women (Genesis 2:24; Romans 7:2-3; 1 Corinthians 7:10-11; Ephesians 5:22-23). God created man and woman, and from the beginning intended that they be joined in marriage so that each might give to the other what each lack alone. Since God designed the marriage relationship, it makes sense that He knows best how to build a happy marriage.

As we read the Bible, His Word, we are able to discern basic principles which must be understood and applied if we hope to experience joy and fulfillment in marriage.

Because we are committed to building strong marriages, we want to share the following guidelines and Scriptures. We have no desire to condemn or reject anyone, but we want to live within God’s principles for marriage.

1. We will gladly consider performing a wedding if both parties are believers. In light of II Corinthians 6:14, we must not join believers to non-believers.
 We will invite non-believers asking to be married, to participate in a Bible Study, introducing them to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

2. We will consider re-marriage where Biblically allowed divorces occurred (Matthew 5:31-32 and I Corinthians 7:15-16.) We reserve the right to contact the former spouses when asked to marry a divorced person.

3. Couples who are living together, or who are involved in a physical relationship, will need to separate and remain abstinent until marriage (I Corinthians 6:13-20, Ephesians 5:3&4).

4. All weddings performed at Camano Chapel, or off-site by a Camano Chapel pastor, will be between one man and one woman (Genesis 2:21-24).

Note: Camano Chapel Elders reserve the right to decline any weddings containing or advocating any beliefs or practices in conflict with the Bible-based nature of Camano Chapel.

What are other pastoral considerations in preparting for a wedding?

Our pastors seek to be very consistent in our commitment to the process of preparing couples for marriage and in pre-wedding ceremony planning.

1. In cases of first time marriages, we reserve the right to talk with parents to receive their blessing. The age of the persons involved may affect this decision.

2. Any person in the wedding party who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs (other than prescribed by a doctor) before or during the rehearsal and/or wedding will not be permitted to participate in the wedding.

3. To better equip couples for marriage requires involvement over several weeks in pre-marital counseling. Those couples approved for performing their wedding will receive more information on this.

4. All weddings held at Camano Chapel will be supervised by our Wedding Host.

How do we begin the wedding process?

The following steps will help get your wedding process off to a smooth start.

1. After thoroughly reading this Camano Chapel Wedding link including all questions and answers, the Bride and Groom Wedding Applications may be downloaded, printed and completed at home or you can call the Church Scheduling Assistant to request that each application be sent to your individual addresses.

2. The wedding applications are submitted to the pastor you are asking to officiate your wedding. (A reservation date for the wedding is not confirmed until the applications have been submitted and reviewed by the officiating pastor.)

3. The officiating pastor reviews the application, possibly including a review by other Camano Chapel pastors, and makes a determination of three things:

    a. that the wedding to be performed in the church is consistent with the beliefs of Camano Chapel,
    b. that the officiating pastor, if outside of Camano Chapel, agrees with the beliefs of Camano Chapel, and,
    c. that the officiating pastor requested by the Bride and Groom is available on the requested date.

4. The officiating pastor meets with the couple to communicate decisions regarding the wedding request and pre-marriage counseling.

5. The approved applications are now forwarded to the Camano Chapel Wedding Host.

6. The Wedding Host makes contact with the bride and groom to confirm a primary and alternate date requested for the wedding. Coordination of dates should include the availability the officiating pastor, availability of the requested room(s), as well as the availability of an Audio/Video/lighting (AVL) technician. The Wedding Host then reserves the dates and location of the rehearsal, wedding and reception with the Church Scheduling Assistant on the church’s master calendar (noting the name of the officiating pastor on the calendar entry). A wedding deposit will be collected at this time.

7. The Wedding Host will work through the wedding plan worksheet with the bride and groom to gather wedding event information. (The Bride and Groom are required to secure their own Wedding Coordinator who directs the timing and logistics of the rehearsal, photo session, ceremony, reception/dinner and departure. Feel welcome to ask the Camano Chapel Wedding Host or the church office for a list of local Wedding Coordinators, or you may provide your own. Click Wedding Coordinator for a description of typical expectations).

8. The Wedding Host will complete a preliminary event request form at the time the wedding is approved; a deposit has been made and the event is scheduled on the calendar. If ceremony or reception attendance numbers change or if set-up information changes, an updated Room Request Form shall be submitted at least one month prior to the wedding date.

What is the Wedding Host's role?

We, at Camano Chapel, want to ensure your wedding day is very special. Our church provides a Wedding Host who desires to make your wedding experience smooth and enjoyable. The Wedding Host will:

1. Make the arrangements for needs and requests you have of the church.

2. Organize facility details to minimize loose ends or forgotten items.

3. Coordinate logistical details with Camano Chapel scheduling, facility and worship/music staff.

4. Facilitate requests for other related activities of the wedding, (ie. Rehearsal Dinners, Receptions, Decorating, Dressing etc.).

5. Coordinate with the family and facility staff a plan for cleaning and representing the facility for regular Sunday morning ministry uses, including a final walk-through at the end of your event.

We know that weddings are a source of joy, but also a source of stress and worry. The Wedding Host intends to minimize that stress and worry from a facilities standpoint, to enable you to focus on the joy of your special day. A Wedding Coordinator is necessary to keep your rehearsal, photo session, ceremony and reception on track.  The Wedding Coordinator shall work under the direction of the Camano Chapel Wedding Host, but shall be compensated directly by the family.

What other information should I consider in the wedding process?

The following will address more miscellaneous considerations.

1. The Wedding Host will meet with you to determine the estimated cost of your wedding. A check for the total estimated amount is required to put your wedding date on the church’s calendar (see “Deposit Cost Structure” section for details). Checks should be made payable to Camano Chapel and be sent to 867 S. West Camano Dr., Camano Island, WA 98282.

2. Marriage licenses shall be turned into the church office at least one week prior to your wedding day.

3. Couples shall attend pre-marriage counseling sessions (refer to officiating pastor for requirements).

4. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the Camano Chapel campus.

5. Smoking is not permitted on the Camano Chapel campus.

6. Camano Chapel allows the three traditional wedding dances- the father/daughter, mother/groom, and bride/groom dances.

7. Birdseed or bubbles are permitted to be thrown at the couple in designated areas (throwing rice is not permitted).

When will Camano Chapel schedule weddings?

Weddings may be scheduled within 6 to 12 months prior to the proposed wedding date, subject to regular and special programming as well as preparation for Sunday worship services.

1. Wedding requests within 3 to 6 months prior to the proposed wedding date may be considered only on a case-by-case basis.

2. December weddings may only be scheduled during the second Friday or Saturday, allowing for normal Christmas programming and preparations.

3. All dates are subject to staff, facility and AVL technician availability.

Will Camano Chapel schedule weddings on holiday weekends?

Due to the absence of custodial coverage and/or facilities availability, weddings will not be scheduled on holidays (including: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day weekends).

At what times of day may weddings be scheduled?

The following options are made available subject to regular programming as well as facility preparation for Sunday worship services.
1. Monday-Thursday nights:  ending by 8pm.
2. Friday nights:  ending by 9pm.
3. Saturdays: ending by 4pm.
4. No Sunday Weddings.

Where may receptions or rehearsal dinners be held at Camano Chapel?

There are four options:
1. Hearth Room in Heritage Hall(table and chair seating capacity – 50, standing capacity - 75)
2. Upper Room in Saratoga Hall (table and chair seating capacity - 120, standing capacity - 250)
3. Chapel in Heritage Hall (table and chair seating capacity – 125, standing capacity - 250)
4. Worship Center (table and chair seating capacity – 300, standing capacity - 699)

Note: If you desire to have your reception or rehearsal dinners at Camano Chapel, our Wedding Host will help you plan and work through the event request form detailing arrangements as to setup, servicing, takedown and cleanup.

What is the deposit/cost structure for weddings at Camano Chapel?

A deposit will be collected up-front for the services listed below and reflects customary set-ups (Costs may increase for non-customary expectations). If actual costs exceed the deposit, a summary will be provided reflecting the balance due. 

Deposit/Cost Information:
Pastoral Honorarium - at the family's discretion.*
     * Includes Officiating and Counseling Pastoral Services

Support and Technical Honorariums
     Wedding Host - $200
          With Reception Add - $100
     Wedding Coordinator - To be determined by provider
     Audio Technician - 200
     Lighting Technician - $100
     Projection Technician - $100
          * Includes technician time for set-up, rehearsal and ceremony
         Hearth Room in Heritage Hall - $100 
         Upper Room in Saratoga Hall - $200
         Chapel in Heritage Hall - $200 
         Worship Center - $400 
         Gym Kitchen - $200 
         Small Kitchen - $100
          * Includes time for set-up, take-down and clean-up as weekends are off-hours

A deposit summary of estimated wedding and reception costs will be provided by our Wedding Host after you have submitted all requested information.

Note: Audio/Video/Lighting needs for weddings held in the Worship Center, Saratoga Hall and Heritage Hall require trained Camano Chapel technicians. Technical needs should be directed to the Wedding Host who will work with our Director of Worship and Music to fulfill these needs. Please inquire for details.

What support services are available at Camano Chapel for weddings, dinners or receptions?

Camano Chapel will provide the following as part of on-site services:

1. The use of pre-approved rooms.
2. The Camano Chapel Wedding Host is required for all on-site weddings. (You will choose a Wedding Coordinator that will work under the direction of the Camano Chapel Wedding Host. Click Wedding Coordinator for a description of typical expectations).
3. Audio/Video/Lighting Technician (subject to availability).
4. Facility Director assistance.
5. Camano Chapel tables/chairs (subject to availability due to prior reservations for another event).

The family is encouraged to help with moving tables and chairs from their stored location to the dinner or reception site, with take down and return of all tables and chairs to the original storage location.

What support services are not available at Camano Chapel for weddings, dinners or receptions?

The family shall make other arrangements for the following on-site or off-site services:

1. Florist – All flowers and other room decorations will be provided by the family or an outside service hired by the family.
2. Food Service – All foods, beverages (no red punch please), paper/plastic products, food services and clean-up will be provided by the family or by a private caterer hired by the family and approved by the Wedding Host.
3. Setup, takedown, trash disposal, etc. shall be provided by the family.
4. Wedding Coordinator - (a list of local Wedding Coordinators is available upon request).
5. Photographers/Videographers
6. Due to existing Camano Chapel programming and predictable transportation wear and tear, Camano Chapel tables and chairs are no longer available for off-site weddings, dinners or receptions.

What information will an outside Wedding Coorinator need to help plan our wedding?

Here is a list of information a Wedding Coordinator will ask for as a part of planning your wedding.

Bride and Groom Information

  • Brides name, address and contact information
  • Grooms name, address and contact information

Wedding Attendant Information

  • List of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen (ushers)
  • Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor, Best Man
  • Bride’s mother and father; maternal and paternal grandparents
  • Groom’s mother and father; maternal and paternal grandparents
  • Candle Lighters
  • Flower Girl, Ring Bearer

Ceremony Planning Information

  • Name of pastor requested to officiate
  • Desired date, alternate date
  • Number of guests anticipated
  • Desired ceremony location
  • Special features to be incorporated into the ceremony

Reception Planning Information

  • Number of guests anticipated
  • Desired reception location
  • Menu
  • Set-up, decoration, take-down and clean-up team
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