Care Ministries at Camano Chapel provide care to those in our congregation and community as listed below. Please click the link to find out more about each ministry.

Grief Care Fellowship

Grief Care fellowship at Camano Chapel is for those who have lost someone close to you. Learn more here.

His Pantry and His Closet

His Pantry and His Closet is Camano Chapels ministry that provides food and clothing to those in our community who are in need. To find out more information or to volunteer, please click here.

His Veterans

His Veteran's Ministry's mission is to glorify God by empowering, enriching, and embracing veterans and their families with timely information, fellowship, and prayer that embraces the whole person. Click here to find more details about this ministry.

His Garden

Is a gardening ministry that provides flower arrangements for different events at Camano Chapel. Click here to find out more information.