Upcoming mission trips:

Men's Mexico Missions Trip Informational Meeting 
August 26,2018 at 11:30 PM in room 403. 
The trip is set for October 24-28, 2018.
Short Term Missions Trip Application Form
Hold Harmless Form
Parental Consent and Release Form
Consent for Medical Treatment Form
Prayer Team Form

Pastor Mich Michl
867 S. West Camano Dr.
Camano Island, WA 98282


Pray for:

  1. Safety for the team traveling.
  2. Good health. We are eating only food we are bringing with us, and drinking only purified Culligan water. But even still, there are other factors that are unforeseen or unavoidable.
  3. Unity. We believe it is God's will that we love and serve one another. Fatigue and expectations always play a factor on mission trips. God's desire is that we be "united in spirit, intent on one purpose...." (Phil 2:2)
  4. Complete ministry goals. Each of the teams desires to represent Christ on their mission trip, to accomplish the project(s), to serve those they are sent to, and to work together in a spirit of humility. Pray that each team would stay focused on their ministry emphasis.
  5. Personal growth. An over-arching emphasis for these teams is for each person to meet with the heart of Jesus in a special and unique way, and to come away with a heightened appreciation for world missions.