Haley Galletly

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries

Chi Alpha is a ministry that seeks to reach out to secular college campuses with the love of Jesus. Chi Alpha hopes to bring the gospel to students who have never heard it and to help students who do know Jesus to grow in their faith. Chi Alpha’s main goal is to reconcile students to Christ so that they can reach the University, the Marketplace and the World.

I am a full time Chi Alpha missionary based on Washington State University’s campus in Pullman, WA. WSU’s Chi Alpha has a heavy focus on discipleship and building a solid Christian community on our campus. Chi Alpha seeks to provide students with a community where everyone is welcome to learn more about Jesus whether they are a believer or not. Our ministry does this through weekly large group meetings that incorporate worship, a message and fellowship. We also have men’s and women’s bible studies that meet weekly to explore the Word and learn more about Jesus. Our ministry also participates in outreach through fun activities like BBQs and family dinners. These events allow for us to meet new students, start conversations about faith and build community.  There is such a need for Jesus on WSU’s campus because of the huge academic pressure and party culture that are so prevalent. Chi Alpha at WSU strives to help students to pull themselves out of these unhealthy habits and behaviors and into a life giving relationship with Jesus. We strive to raise up leaders who will go into the world being disciples of Jesus and disciple makers for Jesus.

Mission Name: Chi Alpha Campus Ministries at WSU

Mission Focus: Reconciling students to Christ to reach the University, the Marketplace and the World.


Birthday: January 31st