Ricardo & andrea BOLAÑOS & FAMILY

Mission Association: Foundation for His Ministry – TJ House

Mission Focus: That young adults coming out of institutional living would receive the training and skills they need to achieve independent and healthy living, so that together we can stop the cycle of abandonment and poverty

Mission Goals:  To provide an opportunity for extended academic achievement, discipleship, support and housing to positively transform the hearts and lives of young adults coming out of institutional living, through compassion, guidance and the grace of God.

Our Job Description: We are the resident directors, parents, mentors, friends to about twenty young adults, who have moved out of institutional living and are perusing a higher education through either technical programs or university academic program. We live with the students, and are not only able to come along side them as they approach independence, but we are able to provide them with the example of a traditional and loving family, which is what they all long for, yet have not experienced.

Our Prayer Requests

  • That these students may come to know the Love of God in a life transforming way.
  • That we would have wisdom as we battle against generational sin, deep, deep wounds of abandonment, insecurity and self loathing that comes from growing up in an orphanage.
  • That our little family would have meaningful time together, and that we can balance the needs of our young children with the needs of our older students.


Anniversary:  September 4, 2006


Ricardo – April 20, 1977
Andrea – October 29, 1983
Micah – November 9, 2010
Audrey – September 27, 2016