The Bolaños Family: Ricardo, Andrea, Pedro, Alfredo and Micah

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. -- Galatians 6:9

Missions Association: BreakThrough alongside the Frances Kitchen Project

BreakThrough functions under the umbrella organization of the Frances Kitchen Project. The Frances Kitchen Project is a small non-profit organization with its office in San Diego, California. This little organization comes along missionaries and provides resources for them to better serve their community. They work primarily in Baja California, Mexico and Burundi, Africa. They do ministry events at the dump in Tijuana, have built a kitchen for a school in Colonet, Baja California, and have a Community Center in a small community near our home, in the town of Chula Vista. The Frances Kitchen Project also has a house building project in Burundi, Africa with one of the marginalized people groups in the world.

BreakThrough Mission Focus:
There are 1.8 million children living on the streets or in government-run orphanages in Mexico. These children age out of the system at 17 years old, and find themselves alone, with no income, no job training, and no family support system. In addition to these disadvantages, small town, rural farming areas have limited job opportunities, limited academic programs and limited resources. Facing these challenges, these youth find themselves in jail, vulnerable to exploitation, or addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The BreakThrough vision is that at-risk youth in Mexico would receive the skills to achieve independent and healthy living, so that together we can stop the cycle of poverty.
We provide discipleship, emotional support and housing to positively transform the hearts and lives of at-risk youth through compassion, guidance and the grace of God.

BreakThrough Mission Goal:

Our goals for our residents include: healing from childhood wounds, graduating from a university or trade school program, having a consistent job, and eventually giving someone else the same opportunity they received.

You took up my case, you redeemed my life. -- Lamentations 3:58 

Our Family:

In many ways our family is our ministry. The youth that we minister to are accepted into our family as our kids. We work hard to teach them what "normal kids" learn in their families. Our goal has been to create a holistic training program for the young men who live with us. We assist them in integrating into society through developing social and life skills including:

  • consistent love and respect
  • money management skills
  • the value of work especially how it coincides to money
  • professionalism
  • self worth and understanding of who one is in the eyes of God
  • recognition and development of each individual's spiritual gifts, natural abilities and
  • goal setting and how to accomplish expressed goals

We pray that the youth we minister to are able to go on to provide for, love and lead their families in a way that honors God and is an example to others.

Anniversary: September 4, 2006

Ricardo -- April 20
Andrea -- October 29
Pedro -- March 30
Alfredo -- January 22
Micah -- November 9

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Ricardo & Andrea Bolaños
PO Box 74000
San Clemente, CA 92673