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By the year 2050, some scholars say that the world will be 70% urban. Within these urban areas, the ideaology of secularism - public life absent and devoid of any hint of the transcendent - will continue to take root.

These twin dynamics, urbanization and secularization, have made Western Europe hard soil for the Gospel. Some statistics say that under 1% of the population are bible-believing Christians. All of this makes the effort of church planting, social justice, and evangelism in Western Urban Europe vitally important for the future of the church. This reality is what drove us to take up church planting in the German context.

We work with a church planting organization out of the Church of the Nazarene with the hope of planting Gospel-shaped churches that are passionate about blessing the city around them. We want to dig into the German context as it is today to see what God is calling his Church to do and be.

After 11 months here, we are in leadership of a pre-existing church in Mainz, Germany (part of the Frankfurt Metropolis) from a family of churches called Kirche in Aktion (Church in Action). As we lead this church into a season of renewed vision, we hope and pray that God will give us opportunities to plant new churches in new cities in Germany, and hopefully beyond.


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