Camano Island Women of Purpose

Mission Association:
World Concern - a Christian global relief and development agency extending hope and opportunity to people facing extreme poverty

Mission Focus:
Women of Purpose supports World Concern programs that prevent the exploitation and trafficking of vulnerable women and children living in extreme poverty.

Our chapter currently supports:

  • Child Protection work in Southeast Asia
  • The Transformation of  Thongkouang, a village in Southeast Asia.

For generations, families in this tiny rice farming community have lived in poverty and struggled to provide for their families. Situated just a few miles from a much-traveled border, the village is a target for traffickers who lure young girls and boys with deceptive offers for work. Some children and families migrate across the border in hopes of finding a better future, only to disappear and never be heard from again. Others fall into jobs that are exploitive or create vulnerability.

Mission Goal:
As Women of Purpose, we commit to take action and bring tangible help, opportunity and God’s love to women and children who are oppressed and living in extreme poverty.

With our financial support, the village of Thongkouang will be transformed into a thriving, self-sufficient community with healthy, safe, educated children through:

  • Income opportunities and improved farming techniques so parents can feed their children
  • Access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene training
  • Education for children
  • The establishment of youth centers to protect children from trafficking and keep them safe

Over time, Thongkouang will be equipped to help neighboring villages accomplish a similar transformation.