"Our mission is to glorify God by reaching husbands and wives to build strong marriages through Bible-based training and support."

This mission will be achieved through small group studies, education, social events and mentoring.

Strong, growing marriage relationships and families are a priority at Camano Chapel. Our Marriage ministry lay leadership team facilitates a Sunday Adult Bible Fellowship class and hosts periodic events.


Thursday Evenings, January 7 - March 11, 2020
7:30-8:15 PM.
Topic: Kingdom Marriage by Tony Evans - Experience the vibrant, abundant marriage  God intends for you to have. Dr. Evans will explain what marriage is really about and  how your marriage can align with God’s purposes- no matter what state your relationship is in right now.

For more info email Emily Klesick at: eklesick17@gmail.com  
Meeting ID: 882 8701 1484   Passcode: Marriage


  • Our time together will stimulate us to examine what Scripture says about how to construct a solid, satisfying marriage.
  • We will interact with our spouse on a regular basis about significant issues in our marriage.
  • We will interact with other couples, establishing mutual accountability for growth efforts.
  • We encourage you to complete any "homework" suggestions presented... with work, comes progress!

Ground Rules:

  • Share nothing about your marriage that will embarrass your mate.
  • You may "pass" on any question that you do not want to answer.
  • Anything shared in our group, remains in our group. Please respect confidentiality.
  • If someone may be in danger, please take your concerns directly to a Pastor.

Contact People:

  • Steve & Lisa Anderson - 360.387.4525
  • Keith & Leslie Christenson - 360-333-8137
  • Aaron & Emily Klesick - 360-913-0886
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Financial Matrimony Spreadsheets

Here are the links to the spreadsheet created by Steve Anderson in support of our Marriage Ministries Financial Matrimony class.

Thanks Steve and Lisa for all their hard work in preparing for this valuable class.

Link to the Personal Financial Plan spreadsheet link to Google Docs file - use this if you do not have Excel installed on your computer. Prior to entering any data please make a copy of this spreadsheet for your personal use.  To do this click on the "file" tab in the upper left corner of your screen, choose "make a copy".

Link to the Excel version of the Personal Financial Plan spreadsheet - use this if you have Excel 2007 or newer.  Using this link to download an Excel file to your computer