Beginning June 3oth Kid’s Church will transform in to Camp Camano Kids!  Join us on our Adventure with God!  Learn more about who God and how we can live for Him.

Dear Parents,
This summer Kid’s Church will turn in to Camp Camano Kids!  We are very excited to bring your kids along as we “Take an adventure with God”!  The first day will be June 30th and we are going to be making special tie dye shirts for your kids to wear each Sunday all summer long.  Would you be able to send your child with a plain white t-shirt?  It doesn’t have to be new if you already have one.  You can start bringing them now.  Just attach your child’s name to it some how and we will keep it for them at the church.  This will help us make sure we have the right sizes for each of the kids.
Thank you!
Teresa VanSant

The last day of each month will feature a “Special Sunday” that kids will be able to either come at the 9:00 or 10:30 service or have the option of staying from 9-11:30 (both services) to be able to participate in all of the fun! Parents are welcome to come participate with your kids at one of the services and then go to the other service.  The 3 special Sundays will be June 30, July 28th, and August 25th.

June 30th – We will make tie-dye t-shirts for the kids to wear each Sunday, along with a few other camp wearables.  We will introduce the kids to what summer will be like!

July 28th – Bubble/Water day.  Wear comfortable clothes and join us outside while we create cool bubble shapes, have a water balloon toss contest and more water game fun.

August 25th – Camp games day!  Three legged race, potato sack races, and other camp games.

The other Sundays we will be exploring God’s Word through games, hands on activities and interactive ways of reading the Bible.  You won’t want to miss out on Camp Camano Kids.

Kids can invite their friends and neighbors to come and join the fun!