Following eight years of planning and two years of capital development, Camano Chapel began construction of a new Christian Education building in the fall of 2008. For updated information about the project, we hope you will read the following quarterly newsletters (Click date for link).

To-date, we have seen countless blessing as we have waited on the Lord, and moved forward in faith.  The process of construction is most meaningful to our church family, in that we are committed to build debt-free on a pay-as-you-go basis. The future completion of this building is also significant because of the many ways it will help facilitate ministry outreach here at Camano Chapel.

We are excited to be a part of a Bible-believing church that desires to reach out to a lost and hurting world! Equally exciting is a church family who has faithfully supported construction of Saratoga Hall. Our new Christian Education building is approximately 80% finished. We are currently completing lighting and controls and saving to order cabinets, countertops and millwork. Work remaining includes: flooring, plumbing fixtures, doors, technology and miscellaneous finish items. Our Island County Building Permit extends to July 2017.

Here is a reminder of our eight original “Reasons To Build.”

  1. To expand our ministry so that we may continue to do our part in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20).
  2. To provide more space and a safe environment for infants and toddlers.
  3. To free up space in existing buildings to better accommodate our Junior Highand Senior High Youth and their unique needs in ministry.
  4. To provide space for growth in our current Christian education ministries(ie. Adult Bible Fellowship, To provide space for future ministries (ie. a “Family Night” ministry).
  5. To build upon the past (ie. Just as past Camano Chapel believers sacrificed for us to have our current structures, so we also should sacrifice for future Camano Chapel believers).
  6. To avoid growth plateaus that can occur when extra space is not available.
  7. To provide a facility that will once again be available for the community (ie. Community meetings, basketball, etc.).

Here is a reminder of our twelve original “Reasons To Build Debt-free.”

  1. Building debt-free was a cornerstone of this project when it was presented to the congregation.  (Our initial building packet and congregational presentation included the statement, “Camano Chapel leadership is committed to build debt-free”.
  2. Borrowing will break our word and break trust with the congregation.
  3. Debt is never encouraged in Scripture.
  4. The tabernacle, temple and rebuilding of the temple were all accomplished without borrowing.
  5. Debt can cut deeply into ministry needs.
  6. Debt leaves a door open for Satan to put pressure on the church.
  7. Paying as we go can teach us to be patient for God’s timing of completion of the project.
  8. Paying as we go can encourage us to rely on the Holy Spirit to overcome “human striving”.
  9. Paying as we go can teach us to persevere during the “dry times” (when giving to the project is down).
  10. Paying as we go can teach us to trust God’s provision rather than a loan institution or individuals.
  11. Paying as we go will give us (and future generations) the opportunity to glorify God for His provision through us as His people.
  12. Paying as we go can teach us to wait on God with contentment in what He’s already graciously given us.

Please pray for God’s continued leading and provision in this important time.

Other Links:

Pamphlet – Link to original Harbor of Hope Project communication materials.
Blue Prints – Link to floor plan of the new building.
Site Plan – Link to the plan for the entire site.

Note: these files are quite large and may take some time to download.


Photos taken during the various stages of the Harbor Of Hope Project from breaking ground to present.  Photos are not displayed in date order.